Shadow Wolves hunt in a pack, Shadow Wolves kill in a pack. The pack is everything, the pack is one. Darkness in every corner, the Shadow Wolves lurking within.

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 20131128 - "Wicked Warrior" - Fire

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BeitragThema: 20131128 - "Wicked Warrior" - Fire   Do Nov 28, 2013 5:05 am

So this armor is the best looking ever!

Strength- and weakness overwiew:
An overview of the most effective armors against this boss can be found [HERE],
A helpful guideline how to achieve at least one boss armor "+" the easiest way can be found at the [HERE]

How to contact us?
The whole "Knights & Dragons Members Area" is written in english language, as visitor leave your application [HERE]
If you already are a member of our guild please use this guideline [HERE] to request internal access.
We use [LINE Messenger] for chatting. Get in contact by adding "iudex_swolves" as contact.

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20131128 - "Wicked Warrior" - Fire
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